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Clean, Vegan,

Ecological Haircare.
Hair Care

we do is a matter of heart, body and soul.

Ecological, Sustainable, Plant based & Cruelty Free

Sea Theory sustainable, high-efficacy ecological hair care supplements and topicals are designed to support healthy hair growth, protect against environment stress and the process of hair aging. 

Integrating the sciences of nutrition, molecular biology, trichology and a skin care each Sea Theory formulation delivers a high efficacy, luxury hair care experience. 

Each product is enriched in Maragen™ Sea Theory’s proprietary vegan marine bioactive with potent hair rejuvenation properties which is isolated from sustainably cultivated and hand harvested macroalgae. 

Complemented with high potency hero ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Vegan Omegas, Botanical Lipids and hair specific vitamins and micronutrients to stimulate hair follicle formation, growth and follicle quality, restoring shine, vitality, strength and lustre, leaving hair nourished and healthy. 

*All products are plant-based sulphate, oil, silicone, cruelty free and dermatologically tested

Hair Health Supplements

Hair Health’s innovative formulation is designed to support the key pathways of hair formation, growth and quality from within. 

Hair Health supplements are enriched in SeaTheory’s proprietary marine complex Maragen™ and key hair cell cycle micronutrients. Biotin, Zinc, Selenium, L-Cysteine, Vitamin C & D to deliver a daily dose of vegan marine bioactives and nutrients to the hair follicle. 

Harnessing the oceans evolutionary past for a future of healthy, youthful protected hair.

Coastal communities have for hundreds of years taken advantage of the health and nutritional benefits of algae. These benefits are due the presence of bioactive molecules such as fucoidan, laminarin, polyphenols which power algal cell growth, cellular regeneration, protection from dehydration, provide immunity, and UV protection. 

Sea Theory’s proprietary marine complex Maragen was discovered by Sea Theory’s molecular and cellular biologists screening algae for vegan marine molecules with hair health benefits. The molecules in Maragen which provide key cellular and structural functions have survived over thousands of years of evolution in algae. 

Laboratory studies revealed that these molecules also elicit key activities in the dermal papilla, the control center of the hair cell cycle, structure and growth. 

Made with Ingredients you can trust

Everything we do is a matter of heart, body and soul. We believe in a sustainable, transparent, science-led approach to hair health and beauty. 

This ethos underpins all that we do along our supply chain, seaweed farming and harvesting, use of clean bioprocessing to isolate Sea Theory’s Maragen complex from macroalgae, followed by  state of the art in green chemistry led formulae development to a deliver a  luxury, high efficacy hair care experience. 

Natural, Healthy Hair Growth

Sea Theory’s team of scientific experts have developed a nutritional hair growth system, with supplements and topicals designed to support the natural hair growth cycle, scalp health and hair follicle quality. 

We Support
Our Planet.

We are committed to circularity and to becoming a carbon positive company. This plays a key role in all decisions we make, in our commitment to seaweed cultivation and hand harvesting in the Irish Atlantic, our choice of suppliers, processing technologies, product development strategies, packaging selections and partnerships.

Zero Waste & Plastic Free

Plant Based

SeaTheory’s Maragen is 100% marine and plant based.


Sustainable seaweed cultivation and harvesting supports carbon capture and ocean biodiversity and health. 

Recyclable Packaging

Our packaging mission is to use recycled and infinitely recyclable materials as much as possible across our entire brand offering. 

Zero Waste

Cascading zero waste clean bioprocessing ensures 100% of raw material is used and actives produced to higher sustainability standards.